Classes at the UWYMV

Bird specimens: swan, turkey vulture, ruddy duck, cooper's hawk, house sparrow, caspian tern, willet, cedar waxwing, great horned owl, california quail, barn owl, common murre, and a northern flicker.The UWYMV offers a limited number of classes for University of Wyoming students each year. The most common classes are in specimen preparation, and are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students upon consultation with the staff of the museum. Past museum students have learned techniques for the preparation of bird skeletons and skins, and produced a wide variety of specimens for the UWYMV. If you are interested in the UWYMV classes on specimen preparation, contact our faculty curator Matt Carling. Please be aware there are pre-requisites for the classes.

Additional information for participating with the UWYMV on a more regular basis can be found on our volunteer page.