Education and Outreach at the UWYMV

Staff curator giving tour to the public. On table are specimens: great-horned owl, gopher snakes, thrashers, red foxes, eastern screech owls, long-tailed weasels, california gull eggs, red-winged blackbird, and pocket gophers.Increasing the appreciation of the natural world is an important part of the mission of the UWYMV. In support of this goal the museum’s collections are often used for teaching organismal biology classes, such ornithology and mammalogy at the University of Wyoming. In addition, the UWYMV is open for tours by a wide variety of classes who are interested in learning about museum research, specimen preparation, natural history curation, and basic zoology. Not all classes that visit the museum are science based, and we are happy to work with faculty to explore how the UWYMV collections may contribute to education in different disciplines, such as art and history.

The UWYMV also works with educators and groups outside of the University of Wyoming as well, including local and regional K-12 schools, and academic outreach groups, to provide tours of the collections for students of all ages. If you are interested in touring the UWYMV with your students, please contact the museum to discuss a visit to the collections.

Since the UWYMV is primarily a research facility, there is generally no public access to the collections. However, tours for the public are given periodically throughout the year, typically in conjunction with events held at the Berry Biodiveristy Conservation Center. Please check the Berry Center’s schedule of events to see when the next tour may be. In addition, there are a number of displays about the history and importance of natural history collections in the Berry Center which are open to the public during the University of Wyoming’s normal working hours Monday – Friday.